Power Shield 8 Battery Monitoring System

Smart BMS for Lead-Acid & Ni-Cd Batteries

80% of UPS failures are due to undetected battery problems. All batteries fail, its just a matter of time. If you’re operating mission-critical systems and relying on the protection of a UPS and battery bank, then it has to make sense to have battery monitoring. It’s about peace of mind – knowing that the batteries are healthy and being constantly monitored. Knowing that everything has been done, that can be done, to protect your enterprise from the consequences of a power failure.

The PowerShield8 system provides monitoring for an unlimited number of batteries, with hardware options targeting both large and small battery systems. A complete solution of hardware and software ensures you get the information you need to confirm your backup batteries are operating within IEEE/IEC guidelines.

The PowerShield8 battery management system combines robust hardware devices for the reliable monitoring and collection of battery data with smart software dashboards. These provide a real-time view of battery health and predictive analytics about future performance. All backed by world-class technical expertise in battery management. That expertise extends across applications in data centers, and critical infrastructure such as transportation, emergency services, utilities and healthcare.

Parameters Measured

  • DC & AC voltage of each block
  • Ohmic value of each block
  • Temperature of each block
  • DC string voltage
  • DC & AC string current
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Ambient Humidity


  • Permanent Monitoring for lead-acid and Ni-Cad batteries
  • 24/7 alarm notification.
  • Automatic capture and recording of data during float, charge, discharge & idle.
  • Compatible with float & intermittent charging.
  • Rapid voltage sampling – all batteries simultaneously every 4 seconds.
  • Built in intelligence – battery state recognition & self calibration for reliable impedance.
  • User defined alarm limits.
  • Flexible to suit battery model & application.
  • Designed to allow IEEE/IEC best practice.
  • Remote reporting service available.
  • WAN/LAN integration for remote monitoring via Link software.
  • RS 232 connection for local battery service and diagnosis.
  • SNMP or Modbus interface to Building Management Systems.
  • Dry contacts for alarm output.


Power supply [10W]:24V DC Model: 11V to 33Vdc, 0.8A max.
48V DC Model: 20V to 65Vdc, 0.4A max.
72V DC Model: 55V to 140Vdc, 0.15A max.
AC Model 110V to 240Vac, 50/60Hz, 0.15A max.
Battery inputsup to 160 (scaleable to 1280)
Sensor typeMeasurement Module or m-Senzor
String voltage2V-1000V
Current inputsup to 5 (scaleable to 16)
Sensor typeHall Effect
Measurement range0A – 2000A
System accuracy±1% + sensor accuracy
Maximum distance15m / 50ft
Temperature inputs (Ambient)up to 5 (scaleable to 16)
Measurement range0°C to 80°C/32F to 176F
System accuracy±1°C / 1.8F
Maximum distance15m/50ft
Digital inputs4
Relay outputs4 voltage free
Rating1.25A @ 24VDC
SelectableAny relay configurable to any alarm
Memory350,000 data points
Physical dimensionsWidth: 430mm / 17 inches (19” rack compatible)
Depth: 270mm / 10.6 inches
Height: 45mm / 1.8 inches (1U)
Operating temperature0°C to 50°C/32F to 122F
Storage temperature0°C to 70°C/32F to 158F
Service portRS232
Com port 1  (Optional)Primary monitoring connection with option of:
Ethernet – 10Base-T
 Com port 2 (Optional)Building management interface with option of:
RS485 or RS232 interface
Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU protocol
Modbus TCP
m-SENZOR (Dual and Single input)
PurposeMeasures individual monoblock voltage, impedance and temperature
ApplicationVRLA and vented lead acid, Ni-Cad cells
Nominal voltageNi-Cad ,2V, 6V, 12V
Temperature measurement  range -4°C to 70°C/24.8F to 158F
Isolation750V DC
Power supplyPowered by monoblock being monitored
Interface to SentinelPowerShield BBUS II (maximum 150m/492ft per BBUS port)
MEASUREMENT MODULE (Dual and Single input)
PurposeMeasures individual monoblock voltage
ApplicationVRLA and vented lead acid
Nominal voltage2V , 6V, 12V
Isolation600V DC
Power supplyPowered by monoblocks being monitored
Interface to SentinelPowerShield BBUS (maximum 100m/330ft per BBUS port)