Inview 5

Smart Controller for Modular Inverter & UPS Systems

Monitoring Controllers CE+T

Inview 5 is compatible with Inview Slot, Inview S and Inview X

Inview 5 is our new monitoring & control solution. It comes with advanced monitoring features to increase our customers experience and share the most relevant information, the best way and at the right time. The advanced scripting tool gives us the opportunity to provide customized solutions to best adapt to your infrastructure and requirements. It also offers control features including, among others, battery management.

Inview 5 is a powerful solution offering many advanced features:

  • Web-based user interface, responsive and user-friendly
  • Email alert & notification
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Digital input mapping to log the events
  • Easy integration with 3rd party device (Modbus, SNMP and HTTP)
  • Built-in battery management
  • Advanced cybersecurity features among many others

Inview 5 is compatible with the following products:

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