The PFC419F-EURO is a modular, industrial quality AC/DC power supply system with power factor corrected input. It can be built with up to five 1kW PFC419F-EH plug-in power supply modules assembled in a 4U x 19″ card-frame, delivering a maximum of 5000W or 4000W with N+1 redundancy.

Each hot insertable module has a built-in redundancy diode which allows for parallel connection and N+1 redundant operation. This feature also makes the system suitable for battery charging.This mature design has large design headroom and is rated for operation over the specified temperature range without de-rating. Each plug-in module is cooled by two high-quality built-in fans. Full electronic protection and the use of components with established reliability results in a high demonstrated MTBF confirmed by a track record in numerous applications.


Input Voltage: 90 ~ 264VAC
Input Protection Inrush current limiting , Varistor,Internal safety fuse
Output Voltage 24 ~ 125V options
Efficiency: Model dependent , typically 80%
Operating Temp: 0°C to +50°C at full load, +70ºC  at 50% load
Cooling Each plug-in module, built in fans
Voltage Adjustment Customer specified, typically 5%
Regulation Line: ±1% Load: ±2%
Output Voltage For special voltage outputs, consult our sales deparment
Alarm Voltage Free contacts
N+1 Redundancy Output redundancy diode for parallel operation