The CSI50 series DC/AC Power Inverter, is designed to provide a regulated and filtered 24VAC for applications such as powering CCTV cameras. The most common model is a 24VDC / 24VAC , but other combinations are available with higher power levels.




Input voltage range 12VDC   ( 11 ~ 16 )
24VDC   ( 21 ~ 30 )
48VDC   ( 38 ~ 60 )
Input Protection Reverse polarity protection.Inrush current limiting.Input Fuse
Efficiency Model dependent , typically 80-90%
Wave Form Sinusoidal
Efficiency Model dependent , typically 80%
Output Power 50 watts
Output Voltage 24VAC 50Hz
MTBF >150,000 hrs
Operating Temp. º0C to +50ºC, +70ºC at 30 watts
Cooling Conduction cooling / Convection cooling

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