Isolated Series 2

Fully Isolated DC/DC Power Converter 120W – 420W

Isolated Series 2 DC-DC converters provide additional features not normally found on compact converters. This line delivers higher efficiency, and on/off control contact to help save energy and battery life, three high power models, and a 2-year warranty. The Isolated Series 2 provides the benefits of full isolation at non-isolated converter price levels.

Isolated Series 2 converters can operate from a negative or positive ground electrical system, and are ideal for applications where complete isolation is necessary between primary and secondary circuits, as well as from the chassis.

Whether for a vehicle, off-grid power system, or utility substation, Isolated Series 2 converters come with the added assurance of years of proven ICT reliability and performance.

Performance and Flexibility

Models are available from 120 watts to 420 watts, in step up and step down models, to match your needs. Input voltages range from 10 to 60VDC, with outputs in 12, 24 and 48VDC to cover virtually every application requirement. Up to three Isolated Series 2 converters can be mounted in a standard 19-inch equipment rack using the ICT-RMK2 rackmount accessory kit.


Reliability is achieved through careful design that virtually eliminates internal wiring and connections that can fail. Wide input voltage ranges are less susceptible to voltage spikes and drops. Every unit is extensively tested before it leaves the factory.

Energy Saving Design

High-Efficiency design means less energy is lost in the conversion process. A contact terminal is provided that allows the converter to be turned off and on by the main circuit, saving energy and avoiding standby drain
on the battery


Input Voltage      Output VoltageOutput Current Model Number
12VDC12VDC12 AmpsICT1212-12AI2
12VDC12VDC35 AmpsICT1212-35AI2
12VDC48VDC5 AmpsICT103048-5AI2
24VDC12VDC12 AmpsICT206012-12AI2
24VDC12VDC20 AmpsICT206012-20AI2
24VDC12VDC35 AmpsICT206012-35AI2
24VDC24VDC10 AmpsICT206024-10AI2
24VDC24VDC20 AmpsICT206024-20AI2
24VDC48VDC5 AmpsICT103048-5AI2
24VDC48VDC5 AmpsICT206048-5AI2
48VDC12VDC12 AmpsICT206012-12AI2
48VDC12VDC20 AmpsICT206012-20AI2
48VDC12VDC35 AmpsICT206012-35AI2
48VDC24VDC10 AmpsICT206024-10AI2
48VDC24VDC20 AmpsICT206024-20AI2
48VDC48VDC5 AmpsICT206048-5AI2

19” Rack Mounting Kit, holds 1, 2 or 3 converters



Input Voltage RangeSee series table
Line Regulation0.005
Load Regulation0.005
Efficiency Typical0.9
Operating Temperature -30 C to +60 C


Input Voltage      Output VoltageOutput Current Model Number
12VDC24VDC5 AmpsICT1224-5AI2
12VDC24VDC10 AmpsICT1224-10AI2
12VDC24VDC20 AmpsICT1224-20AI2
24VDC24VDC5 AmpsICT206024-5AI2
48VDC24VDC5 AmpsICT206024-5AI2
130VDC12VDC20 AmpsICT9016012-20AI2
130VDC24VDC10 AmpsICT9016024-10AI2
130VDC48VDC5 AmpsICT9016048-5AI2

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