DCW100 – DCW200 Series

Industrial DC/DC Converter Single Output: 100W – 200W

The DCW 100 Series rugged, industrial quality DC/DC converter uses a field proven technology to generate 100W 20W d 200W output power. It is a mature design with a track record in numerous applications. Cooling is by conduction via base-plate to a heat-sinking surface and by natural convection. Low component count, large design headroom and the use of components with established reliability results in a high demonstrated MTBF.

Main Features

  • Wide input range: 20 – 60VDC, 65 – 160VDC
  • Convection cooled: No fans
  • Fully isolated input – output
  • Specials input/output combinations on request
  • Any output from 12vdc ~ 120vdc possible
  • Overvoltage & short circuit protection
  • Built-in DC Fail Alarm
  • MTBF> 150.000hrs
  • Customised mechanical solutions on request
  • Rack Mounting Option


Model Input V Output V Output A Power W
DCW100-12FT 20 – 60V 12V 8A 96W
DCW100-24FT 20 – 60V 24V 4A 96W
DCW100-48FT 20 – 60V 48V 2A 96W
DCW150-12FT 20 – 60V 12V 12A 144W
DCW150-24FT 20 – 60V 24V 6A 144W
DCW150-48FT 20 – 60V 48V 3A 144W
DCW150-110FT 20 – 60V 110V 1.4A 150W
DCW200-12FT 20 – 60V 12V 16A 192W
DCW200-24FT 20 – 60V 24V 8A 192W
DCW200-48FT 20 – 60V 48V 4A 192W
DCW200-110FT 20 – 60V 110V 1.8A 200W
DCW100-110-12FT 110V 12V 8A 96W
DCW100-110-24FT 110V 24V 4A 96W
DCW100-110-48FT 110V 48V 2A 96W
DCW150-110-12FT 110V 12V 12A 144W
DCW150-110-24FT 110V 24V 6A 144W
DCW150-110-48FT 110V 48V 3A 144W
DCW200-110-12FT 110V 12V 16A 192W
DCW200-110-24FT 110V 24V 8A 192W
DCW200-110-48FT 110V 48V 4A 192W


Operating input voltage range 24 / 48VDC   ( 20 ~ 60 )
72 / 110VDC  ( 65 ~ 160 )
Output Power 100W – 150W – 200W
Output Voltage See series table
Output Current See series table
Efficiency Model dependent , typically 83%
Operating Temp: 0°C to +50°C at full load.
Derate 2.5% per °C from 50° -70°C.
MTBF > 150,000hrs
Relative Humidity 10-95% non-condensing
( Conformal Coating  optional )
Rack Mount Power Supply 12V 24V 48V - Cell Repeaters - Land Mobile Radio Australia

Platinum New Generation Rack Mount AC/DC Power Supply